The Calder Family

The Calder Family

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Annual Noggin's Corner Farm Family Trip!

It isn't fall without a trip to Noggin's Corner Farm. We did this last year and had such a great time, we had to go again! It was a lot colder this year, but we still had a really great time. Such a fun tradition that we for sure are going to keep up every year!
We had so much fun picking apples. Now I have to do something with them!

Feeding the cows;
the girls didn't want any of the cows to be left out!

Picking out the perfect pumpkin!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Son is a Genius

So, at nine months, Ethan already knows how to flush the toilet, and can do this by himself! He is a sneaky little guy, and whenever the bathroom door is open, he makes a bee line straight for it as fast as he can crawl. He pulls himself up on whatever he can find that is sturdy enough (and sometimes he finds out too late that it is not so sturdy!) and tries to figure out everything. So he got into the bathroom, pulled himself up onto the toilet, and found a cool little lever that moves when you pull on it! Voila! Instant cool flushing noise! Luckily the toilet lid was cosed, or I'm sure he would have found the swirling water too tempting to stay out of. I'm not sure if I should call it genius, or mischievious. Whatever it is, this kid is going to keep me on my toes. What will he get into when he can really get around?!

Friday, October 3, 2008

It's been a long time...

So, after many months I decided to check on my blog, and realized it's been about half a year since I posted anything! I'm sure that most people have given up checking this blog, but I thought I would update anyways, just in case!

Summer was sweet! I was able to fly out to Alberta for 3 weeks with my three kiddos. We were able to go hiking, do a lot of water skiing (yay!) and just hang out with the fam. We spent time with both sides of the family, and it was just the right amount of time. It was great for our kids to see their cousins. They still talk about spending time at the lake and going in Grandpa's boat!

We hope that the cousins don't forget each other before we're able to get out to Alberta again (or they come here...hint hint!)

A week ago Kevin's brother Wayne and his wife Rhonda and baby Benjamin came out to the east coast, and we had a great time! We toured around, went to PEI, and saw the usual tourist sites. We found a great recipe for seafood chowder, had steak and home-cooked lobsters and took them for REAL fish n' chips. It was a super great time!

Things are going to get busier around here - I'm going to be caring for another little girl full time - that makes 2 full time and one after school in addition to our 3. We have a little neighbour girl who likes to come hang out at our house as well after school, but it's all good. We have fun! Kevin is with the ENT (ears nose throat) specialist for the next three months, and thinks it will be good.
I can't believe how fast time is flying! This month Kevin is going to turn 30, Monica is a few months into grade one and starting to get really good at reading, Kristen is a natural in her gymnastics class, and Ethan is already pulling himself up to standing at 9 months! But I have to say, Life is Good!