The Calder Family

The Calder Family

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Clouds in the Sky

So, after my blog that I'm so tough, I guess I'm not so tough after all. I'm fine with physical work, for the most part, but I'm having a hard time keeping up with the emotional and mental work! I've decided that being a single mom is not fun, and to any single moms out there my hat goes off to you. Your job is very hard!! I try to keep it together when I'm with my kids, but it's difficult at times! The other day Ethan was crinkling some paper in his hands, and said "garbage" and went and threw it in the toilet! It made sense in a way, so I can't really blame him, but I had to rush to the toilet and save the papers before the toilet clogged, and then realized that what he had thrown in there were pages from my scriptures that he had torn out and crumpled up!! Yikes. I was not happy! He has been so cranky lately too, but really, how can I really be upset at him when he runs to me saying "Mama" and gives me a big hug? It's a good thing there are small ways us moms are paid, or it might not be worth it! Anyways, I'm very excited that Kevin gets home on Sunday after being gone for 2.5 weeks. We all miss him!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

stronger than I think

So Kevin's been gone for a week now, and we have a week and two days to go! Almost halfway there. It actually hasn't been too bad, other than missing him a lot. I think that I really am pretty tough. I think that if someone called me "wimpy", or even "girly" I would have a problem with that. I just spent the last few hours working on a rock wall, hauling rocks from construction sites (the construction guys said it was okay! just in case you were wondering) into the vehicle, and then from the vehicle to our back yar. I had to pause halfway through to put the kids to bed, and then kept going at it, and then mowed the lawn. I feel really tough right now ;). I find it quite satisfying to work outside. I think it's the farm girl in me coming out. My kids are troopers too. They came with me to pick out the rocks, and Monica and Kristen wer carrying the "best" ones and puting them into the car. I didn't have the heart to tell them that I wouldn't be able to use them on the wall because they were so small. They had fun though. There you have it - work can be fun!