The Calder Family

The Calder Family

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Entering the world of BLOG

Hello everyone. I decided to break down, get myself organized, and join our family in the Blogging community. I thought it might be nice for mine and Kevin's families, who all live in Alberta, to keep in touch with us this way. I am very new to this, and so I hope those of you who have blogs will forgive my inexperience, and hope someday ours will be as nice as yours. You'll have to bear with me until I've learned all about this program. Any pointers would be great.

This is our little family - Kevin, Renae (me), Monica and Kristen. At that time I was about 10 or 11 weeks pregnant. I am almost 33 weeks now, and so I'm a lot bigger. This is the most recent "family photo" that we have, and so I thought it would work as our opening blog.

We are now living in Halifax, Nova Scotia on the balmy east coast of Canada. It is wonderful to still be living beside the ocean (we lived in Vancouver for 4 years before we moved here) but it is amazing how different the east and west coasts differ. We already love it, and we've only been here for 4 months. I think it helps a lot that the people we've met so far are really wonderful and made us feel very welcome.

Anyways, enjoy our blog. Hope that you come and visit often and check out our family's progress.